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Is Truth Enough?            Click Here to purchase


“The Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy wrote, ‘Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth, but by washing away from it all that is not gold.’ In Is Truth Enough?, Bobby Duncan makes the case for absolute truth being found only in the Word of God.”—Mark L. Williams, Church of God general overseer

“The core question some are asking in ministry today is, ‘Can I afford to be true to the truth?’ Pastor Bobby Duncan addresses this crucial issue with studied and focused precision.”—Tim Hill, Church of God World Missions director

“I highly recommend Is Truth Enough? to every pastor, teacher, and youth leader.”—Ron Martin, Church of God administrative bishop, Great Lakes Region


Light In The Window           Click Here to purchase


John 1:14 in the Message paraphrase of the Bible says, “The Word became flesh and MOVED INTO THE NEIGHBORHOOD.” This is the Biblical foundation and mission of People For Care and Learning (PCL). What does it look like to “move into the neighborhood” of a country that is within the 1040 Window, is over 95% Buddhist, and it’s residence are among the poorest people in the world? Bobby Duncan’s books is a compelling story of PCL’s efforts over the last decade to be a “light in the window” in SE Asia. If you want to be inspired by what a small group of people can do when they decide work together as a “community for good,” this is the book for you.




Journey Of Faith              Click here to purchase


In Journey of Faith, the author recounts the story of Paul and Sheila McLaughlan. For over 50 years, Paul and Sheila McLaughlan have poured themselves into Christian ministry work in Scotland and England. They have been the face of the Church of God in Scotland for more than 30 years. Their roots run deep in this land that once offered the world exceptional religious reformers, articulate and persuasive pulpiteers, distinguished pastors, and passionate missionaries. The McLaughlans’ unquenchable desire is that once again the Holy Spirit would touch the hearts of harvesters—from home and abroad—to pick up the torch of the gospel, seize the moment, and become instruments of revival and evangelism in what could very well be the last ingathering opportunity before the return of Jesus Christ.... The shared life of Paul and Sheila McLaughlan has not been one of seeking comfort and convenience; it has not been a life spent developing lucrative business enterprises. Neither has it been a life lived in luxury, nor one of laying up earthly treasures. Rather, their life together has been one of forsaking all to follow Christ. Their equally shared commitment has been to please and honour God through sacrificial living and obedient service—whatever the cost. This they have done, and they have done it “as unto the Lord”— to God be the glory!

It's Not My Turf                  Click here to purchase


There should be no turf wars between Christians—no “mine” and “thine.” Instead, we must operate under a different set of principles than the world around us does. Serving on God’s turf—in His field—demands that we follow Biblical principles through the power and guidance of His Spirit. This is spiritual leadership.


 Lighted Trail                      Click here to purchase


One of the most challenging summonses for the Christian movement in America is the call to respond to the echoing cry rising from its truly indigenous people, the American Indians. According to the 2010 census, 5.2 million people in the US classified themselves as such, either alone or in combination with one or more other races. Out of this total, 2.9 million people identified as American Indian and Alaska native alone. 

With all the mission causes embraced by the Christian movement in America, one of the closest mission fields for the church continues to be the American Indian population, especially those residing on reservations. 

This story is of one Chippewa Indian’s conversion to Christianity as a teenager, and his enduring passion to serve his own people. It is a story of how God can use one person to make a notable difference in the lives of so many—in confines of a small community and in the broader context of a nation.

Passing The Torch               Click Here to purchase


The time will come in every organization when leadership roles and personnel will change. Pastors and local churches especially face the challenges of transitioning to new leadership as pastors accept new positions or retire. God has never left anyone to serve in a ministry role perpetually. Therefore, if that particular ministry is to continue, someone has to receive the torch, or mantle, of leadership from the departing or retiring minister to ensure its continuance.
Successfully handing off the office of leadership to a successor requires preparation, godly wisdom, understanding, and a heart to please God. Likewise, it also requires the successor to wisely and faithfully receive the torch at the hands of his predecessor. When this happens properly, as it did with Moses and Joshua, Elijah and Elisha, and as it did in the New Testament with Paul and Timothy, the results are favorable because the action is an expression of God’s will, and because it ensures continuity in the spreading of the gospel.

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